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Welcome to your new website resource company to assist in your search for Used Ford Cars in the UK. This site is to help advise UK customers looking to buy a Used Ford Car on the best places to buy and what to look for when choosing a Used Car.

When buying your next Used Ford I would check for things like clocking, this is the process where by a high mileage Ford has had the odometer alterred illegally to show a low mileage used car. Used Ford Cars are probably the most popular used cars available so as a result clocking can be a problem with used ford's. A good way to check for clocking is to look at the dash do the screws look worn or used then they may have been tampered with.


Go to many of the online websites and check for an MOT, if the car is being purchased from Ford Direct or an approved Ford Dealer non of this will be a problem as this will all have been carried out by the authorised dealer in question.


If buying a used Ford from a dealer, chose a Ford Approved dealer as they have standards to abide by, check on sites like to ensue the Ford Dealer has not been given a bad write up.


Ford Direct vehicles are a good choice as they offer a load of reassuring extras that prevent you from getting a lemmon.


General Advice:-


Budget in advance as its easy to keep going for that extra bit and not been able to afford it in the end, this often leads to disappointment and the Used Ford is just out of reach.


Check the service record, a full service history is essential.


Haggle on price you can often get a good deal if you buy your car online and dont have a part exchange then if you dont have a used ford to part ex you can sell private to another dealer.


All Used Fords from the Fiesta, Ka, Focus and Mondeo to the new executive S-Max and Galaxy are great vehicles and exceptionally reliable. Used Ford Direct for Used Ford Car information direct. First Ford